New UX: Send Notification to Anaplan Roles/AD Groups

New UX: Send Notification to Anaplan Roles/AD Groups

With the introduction of the new Notificaiton capability in the New UX (which works great when tested), it would be great to expand it to include 'Anaplan Roles' instead of Specific People in the email selection.




Another far fetched expansion would be to integrate this with AD groups etc. to send notifications across the organisation to people with limited access to Anaplan!


Agree completely with the suggestion about adding Anaplan Role to the options here.  As a further enhancement it would be good to have the recipients managed dynamically, for example by reference to a boolean line item applied to the Users list - that would open up huge potential for context- and situation-specific notifications.


Would be good to hear about the roadmap for this feature, including whether it might be leading towards to a refreshed version of workflow/process design.

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Or even better, to let the end user choose the recipient ! 😎