New UX - set default colour palette

New UX - set default colour palette

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It would be interesting to set a default colour palette per workspace/app/... in order to customize to the client. 


Currently everything has to be changed manual for each chart & graph. On top of that actions et cetera are always blue.


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Agree with @MaartenGijbels , this would be a great addition to the NUX functionalities, would speed up the build of charts with the right look&feel. Also as this functionality is available in the classic dashboards I hope it is something that is being looked into?

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Absolutely essential!


Where the UX needs to reflect corporate colours, it is simply not feasible to use certain charts.


For example, if you want to display a pie chart showing employees, where you may have >1,000 employees but only display 5-15 at a time, you have to colour code every single employee.


Indeed, this issue will occur wherever you have a chart with many series that need to be correctly colour coded.

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