Option to open Settings Menu Items as Tabs

Option to open Settings Menu Items as Tabs

In our model, we have 220+ dashboards and 400+ modules.  When going between looking the list of modules and the list of dashboards, the lists reset my view at the top, causing me find the one I wanted to look at again, this can be very time consuming.


Ideally I'd be able to open these Settings Menu items as tabs, so that when I jump between tabs, my scroll position is retained, and I can look at a view of Modules side-by-side with Actions and / or dashboards etc.  Here's a screenshot mockup of how I think this would look:


Anaplan - Settings Menu Items as Tab.PNG

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great idea!

i could very well imagine the same for lists.

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Great idea @David_Elston ! It would be useful to have everything in the model settings page open as a tab (by default or "if required")!

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Love it

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The option to include Settings Menu items on the contents panel would be useful too

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