Ranges/allowable values for number input

Ranges/allowable values for number input

It would be handy to restrict a number format. This will save additional validation checks/visualizations.



- Number needs to be positive

- Number should be an integer

-The number should be within the range of 0-10


This is like a dependent drop-down list, however now restricting the number formatted input.

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It would be quite useful to have a native function to define Valid Range for Number format in Line Items. This way we don't have to have another Line Item for checking or a Drop-down to select the numbers and then convert it to a number. Untitled.png


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Adding to this request. Can we further define the number format to be a certain type. Examples are -

  • Integers
  • Whole Numbers
  • Only negative integers
  • etc.
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is there any updates on this? thank you!