Remove Workspace Admin for Reordering List Action

Remove Workspace Admin for Reordering List Action

Hey Community,


I love the ability to reorder lists, but I don't love that I can't enable users to do this.  I have a mini- MDM project buried at one of my clients and reordering data is a very nice thing.  The catch is unlike other actions where I can restrict access to the Action...this one doesn't matter as you need to be a workspace admin.  


Anaplan please remove this hard stop.





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Yes, this should not be a WSA only action. We have a scenario where multiple end users are creating list members, and wish to keep them organized. By including the reorder action in a process that creates list items and adds properties, it's a seamless way to always keep the list ordered numerically by parent, rather than needing an integration or WSA to manually run the action periodically.