Remove the 'Edit' formula button within the new model building environment.

Remove the 'Edit' formula button within the new model building environment.

In a recent amendment to the new model building environment, there is now an 'Edit' button that needs to be selected before a model builder is able to amend an existing formula. This only appears when 'expanding' the formula bar.


Whilst I could perhaps understand the reason for this addition in preventing unintended/erroneous formula edits, the reality is that it is incredibly frustrating for someone used to using a keyboard shortcut (e.g spacebar) or even double clicking to initiate the formula editing process.


I would suggest this new feature is either scrapped, or an optional element of model building UX that could be toggled on / off. This might be something a new Anaplanner would utilise whilst working within a built model.

Screenshot 2021-11-26 075655.png


Anaplan, being a web based application has many areas that require clicks vs. keyboard shortcuts. Adding another one of these in a highly utilised aspect of the tool seems counter productive.  

Michelle Sutherland
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Agreed. Pls utilise how we edit currently by double click in old UX.

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Agreed, make this a selectable option that can be turned on (off by default) for anyone who wants that safety net

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Agree - lets go back to a double click to edit please


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the feedback. I have raised this idea ( to capture the request of being able to enter edit mode more quickly so that this one can be left as titled to remove the Edit button completely for advanced users in some toggle / user preference fashion.



Anaplan Product Management