Sorting with nested pivot

Being an Anaplan builder, I would like to be able to perform sorting with nested pivot (wich means pivot with several dimensions in rows).


Currently, sorting can be done on in case of one dimension represented in rows. However, I would be great to have an ability to do the same with several dimensions (nested pivot) in rows. Despite workarounds, it would be a pleasure to have a direct functionality in Anaplan.


Benefit of the enhancement: preparing of more detailed and useful in terms of pivot reports.

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So much this! I'm currently trying to sort a module that has an L2 level list as a dimension, but it shows the L1 parent. I can sort the L2 items within each parent block, but I can't just sort the parent block. This is annoying because as we add more L1 parents, it'll just get harder and harder to understand the list. Doing this alphabetically would be great. This seems like it should be a simple thing. 

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