Unhide specific columns without having to unhide all columns in a module


Unhide specific columns instead of the only available current feature of unhiding all columns just to see one or a few specific columns

Example of enhancement:
Currently, in any module, unhiding one column that was previously hidden is not possible other than unhiding all columns along with the one column you need to unhide.

As an example, we have our time at the top in months, Qtr & year.

We hid 2 years of historical data (2014 & 2015). In addition, we also hid a whole slew columns that were irrelevant (about 10-15 columns).

We re-organized the order and saved the module for the users.

Couple weeks down the line, a valid request comes up to have one column that was hidden to be displayed.

Other than unhiding all the columns to be able to re-add one, it would be great to be able to 'right-click' a column and get a view of all hidden columns and then be able to 'check' the one to be showed.


'Show All Columns' will require a full redo of the work made in the dashboard and some dashboards are huge and the work made to make them user friendly is painstakingly long at time.

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Is this still on the roadmap?

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