User Input NEW UX

User Input NEW UX

It would be great if Copy Down and Copy Across was available for the New UX.  The interface can be a bit slow compared to entering data into classic modules so having this functionality may provide some improvement in this area.

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100+% support for this! Even though it might seem like a small feature it is currently a gap between Classic UX and NUX that causes a LOT of pain for users who have to manually copy paste a value to a selection of hundreds of cells!

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Would agree indeed that this is important. The Gap between old and new is still big..



Many of our clients need to apply consistent assumptions across list items and carry forward P&L movements from 1 period to the end of the timeline.

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I agree with this, copy down and across is the easy option to copy data in the modules. 

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I agree - regular copy/paste seems to be sluggish.

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Is there any update on this item? We're in the process of transitioning our users to new UX apps and this is functionality that they previously had. 




Hope to see this soon

Yes this is a request that has been requested by the business as it was available in the classis dashboards.  Very much needed