Edit Multiple 'Source Model' Settings for Pages Simultaneously

The ability to edit the source model of multiple pages at once would be a huge quality of life update for page builders. Currently, model builders have to edit settings for each page one-by-one.


This idea proposes that page builders can apply the same change to multiple pages at once: image below shows how this could work.


Edit Source Models.png


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  • This is brilliant!! 

  • Definitely need this feature to save time when duplicating apps!


    To add to this idea, it would be good to be able to have a “select all” button when selecting the pages to edit.  In a lot of cases I’ve experienced so far, it would be quicker to select all pages and then de-select the pages that don’t need to change.

  • I love the flexibility that this will provide. This becomes really cumbersome when you have a multitude of pages in one app. 

  • A great idea that is hopefully simple to add!

  • This would be very helpful!

  • Is it possible ?

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