source and targert modules are dimensioned by two different dimensions



How can we link these EMP02 and REP04 modules to get total car costs by the region and role. When I am using formula i.e car costs = emp02 .carcosts[lookup: sys08.region, lookup.sys08.role] it is throwing folowing error. I under stand my REP04 is dimensioned by Region and Role where source module Emp drivers dimension by Department and Role




Rep 04



Emp 02



thanks in advance



  • @MaheshKosuri 

    In your system module SYS08 make sure Role is formatted as a List:Role.

    You can only use LOOKUP and SUM on list formatted line items.

    See if that helps.

  • @JaredDolich 

     here my role is list format. In My REP04 report Salary and Bonus I am able to write formulae those are reading source dimensions without any mapping issue. But for next line items it is showing mapping  error when I use SUM and formatting error when I use Lookup.

    Help appreciate.





  • Hi , @MaheshKosuri 


    use sum instead of lookup