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Hi am new to Anaplan and recently requested for the creation of my own personal workspace as I continue with model building journey past Level 2. I did this as the training workspace allocated to new learners is getting rather cluttered. Upon the creation of my personal workspace, the next step would of course be to move over my models from the training workspace to my own personal workspace. The process though was not as intuitive as I expected as moving across tenants required the intervention of the Support team which is fine. The process required I grant access to the Support person concerned to my workspace and in order to do this I had to grant WSA rights with full access but no SSO sign-on. I had to first create a dummy model to do this but because there were several models I wanted copied over, created a dummy model for each thinking this would be the process but eventually found out I needed to do it only once. Rather than such a convoluted process, wouldn't it be possible to grant access at the workspace level without first having to create a dummy model and granting access to the workspace through that model? Is there a particular reason for this or was just a workaround solution?

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