Smart Filter not working in NUX



We have a dashboard which features a smart filter for sales rep.  When you select a name from the smart filter, the corresponding grid's selector only holds the accounts owned by that rep.  This functionality is fully operational in the classic dashboard.

However, when we imported that classic dashboard into the New UX, the same functionality is not working.  When we select a name in the smart filter, the selector on the corresponding grid shows all accounts, instead of just the accounts owned by the selected rep.

Because this functionality is working correctly in the old dashboard, I am confused as to why it is not working in the New Dashboard.  We are pulling from the exact same saved view in both the classic and new, and the filter is applied in the saved view.  There are no differences between the set-up of the two dashboards.

Any solutions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


  • Misbah



    It is supposed to work. Not sure if Importing the dashboard has some sort of bug. Were you able to recreate it successfully without Importing the dashboard. If so then you can get a ticket raised on this



  • @KevinMcQuillen 

    Wondering if you're using a saved view from classic. Those views have limited functionality in New UX. If so, Try creating a custom view, see if that helps.

  • Hi @KevinMcQuillen , check if the Sync is on in the card.. otherwise, just try creating the new module with same dimension (in dev rather PROD) and add the grid with page selector (filter) in new page.

    You may figure out the difference between standard and NUX.