Importing Multiple Rows based on a Quantity Value based Cell?


Hi Everyone,


I was wondering if anyone knows or has experience creating duplicates of an Input Row and all of it's associated components based on a quantity line item?


For example, if I wanted to create 5 new employees that will have the same salary and reside in the same state and cost center. 

Is there any techniques that could then import 5 new rows into a list and data module with all that same information?

Attached a screenshot which may help explain what I'm trying to do.




  • @davidlloyddeguzman 


    yes, this can be done, but I am not sure you are going to like it as it deals with formulas and since formulas are involved, they are now locked from editing.


    But here you go:


    Have a one module that contains the line items and load the data into it:



    Create another module, dimensionalized by your Row Count and reference the above line items:



    So, I think this is the "final" you are looking for, but not the "result".  Am I correct?



  • @rob_marshall , as u rightly said that formulizing will restrict the editing and as and when Employee details will change in future then it may not viable to apply this; just a cautious note trying to put.


    @davidlloyddeguzman , hope u want to achieve this through a dashboard (and not in module directly) then there are different ways to do that e.g.


    1. introduce a Boolean line item and get that checked as source to be copied e.g. click against employee 1

    2. Click a button..... Create xx entries using the Employee 1 data

    3. Create action should run which will create the entries in the module (this to be clubbed in the process)

    4. Copy all the Emp 1 entries in new added entries (can be again controlled through Boolean line item)

    This way u may get all the desired entries keeping them editable for all cells.


    ** Similarly a delete action can also be created, generally not require in employees case, to omit unnecessary entries in the module.


    Let us know if this is u want to achieve or misunderstood your query!