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Hi all, Perhaps a straightforward question, however I cannot find a direct answer. I would like to have a BLANK formula for numbers, so IF ... THEN BLANK. Currently I have IF ... THEN 0 ELSE ... , however it has to be blank instead of zero. Is there a certain formula that works for numbers? Kind regards, Mickel


  • Hi Mikel

    I guess once a line item is number formatted there are no blank cells are the cells are populated with a zero, hence you cant write a formula on blank.

    If you could let us know the business scenario we can come out with a better options like use boolean formatted values on list items or line items and then fulfilling the requirement.

  • Hi Harris,

    Thank you for responding, to clarify the situation in more detail:

    - When no formula's are used and the upload is done, the cells will display a "-" instead of 0.  (PNG1)

     - If I'm using the PowerPoint add-in creating graphs, it will display the periods with a 0, while those are months with no actuals in it. It would be better, if the cells where empty, so the graph does not create a 0 production indication during those months. (PNG2)
  • Aswell it seems useful, if I want to make a switching table. For example that shows the current month and three months before, however not with column titles current month, current month -1 , ... But creating a table with list items "Jan, Feb, Mar, ..." and making the data swift dynamically, however filling out the other month columns in blank, instead of zero, so it is very transparent for the viewers.
  • I posted a few possible workarounds here: [url=]

    [/url]They're not all pretty but one of them should work for you.
  • Hi Mickel,

    How about using another Text formatted Line Item that says IF Original Line Item > 0 THEN TEXT(Original Line Item) ELSE BLANK, where Original Line Item is the current number formatted line item that you're exporting?

    Let me know if you'd like more details, hope that helps!

    -Chris Weiss
  • smarzo

    I don't think the link works?


    When formatting Number fields, in Blueprint, you have option to display zeros as Zero, Blank, or Hyphen. This is simply a display option. If you choose to display a Blank cell or a Hyphen, the cell will still contain a zero value.