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I have a error message that keeps on popping up when I'm trying to create a formula. Please advice. Image is attached. 


Thank you 

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  • Hi @neg177,


    Happy to take a look! Are you able to paste the formula which you are trying that is causing the error? I will try to reproduce this on my side.


    If you can also share more specific details on what you are trying to do, I'll see if I can help!

  • neg177
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    Yes of course. My apologies for the lack of clarity, I have attached a pic of the Formula. Both the Modules being added are of the same dim and have numbers that have been copy & pasted in. Let me know if you need more clarification. I'm trying to add the two line items together but it is coming up with the past error message I posted. 


    Thank you 

  • Hi @neg177,


    Sure might need a little more clarification. Hmm...can you show me screenshots of the blueprint views? Both from the Source and Target Modules? 


    Curious to see the dimensionality and formats. Also is "Jan 21" the name of the Line Item in the Module Vintage? Or are you trying to add values together from the month Jan 21 (the system time setting)? 


    I tried replicating this and the formula worked for me. So the issue might be either related to dimensionality, format, or syntax. 


    Can you share what yours looks like?




  • Also 1 quick test while you are getting those screenshots, I noticed you said copy/pasted, instead are you able to use the "click and point" mechanism in the formula bar, and click the line items in the source module to populate in the formula bar instead? See if that works, the red highlighted line in your formula seems a little odd. 

  • neg177
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    Yes sorry its kind of difficult to explain. But I have attached the screen shots of the Blue Print views and what the data looks like that I brought in. 

  • neg177
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    I think it might be that I have my Vintage List in my Rows. They are not Line Items. But I do need to be able to add those two items. the "Jan 21" and the other "Jan 21"

  • Hi @neg177,


    Okay I think I see the problem now with the error message and formula. The list "Vintage" actually contains "fake" Mth Yr values. 


    Therefore your formula is indeed invalid. I think I have a possible temporary solution for this problem. Though the module setup and what you are attempting to do is a little confusing for me I will admit. And perhaps there is an even larger architectural problem.


    Can you help clarify:


    1) The purpose of having a Fake time list on the rows, and System Time on the Columns? 

    2) The goal of the math you are attempting? Can you help shed light on what exactly creating this module is going to help accomplish? 

    3) Could this be performed in a module with only 1 time dimension? 


    This solution below will address the issue you are facing, though I am a little hesitant to even propose this as it will work for the premise that you keep the structure as is. Though I suspect you may want to revisit the module structure based on your goals. My gut reaction here and model builder alarm bells are suggesting to me "just because the below solution will work, doesn't mean this is the best way to accomplish what you are trying to do". I do see some concerns with potential Planual standards being missed and perhaps not in keeping with PLANS.


    @JaredDolich - do you have any further guidance here? Is there something I may have missed here? Do you agree/disagree? Seeking a 2nd opinion here. 


    Temporary Proposed Solution: 

    1. Create a "Constants" module. This constants module is going to be "Vintage" list formatted. No dimensions applied, only line items. 



    For testing purposes...can you try the following: 

    2. In your target module, where you are entering the formula. You will need to leverage the LOOKUP Function. Try this: 


    'New Cash Collections/Direct Sales'.Renewal Cash Collections[LOOKUP: 'TEST: Constants Module'.'Jan 21'] + 'New Cash Collections/Direct Sales'.Renewal Cash Collections[LOOKUP: 'TEST: Constants Module'.'Jan 21']



    3. That should give you the answer you are looking for I believe. 


    -There are areas such as Time Settings, Fake Time to Real Time Mappings that seem like architectural value adds which I did not catch from the premise/setup of this question. 



  • JaredDolich
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    @DaanishSoomar You really are a Master Anaplanner. Very thoughtfully deliberated. Great analysis too - I learned quite a bit reading this!

  • Thanks @JaredDolich! Very kind of you.


    @neg177 - let me know if you have further questions.