13.6.5 Activity: Add Column Chart to Margin Summary Page




I have the problem - i filtered the data with the rules given (forecasted months only), but i can't get the view needed

The picture is below what i have


What i need


Also i notice that my view in the grid chart is also not correct - but when i changed it does not give me the chance to save with the same name



What is the right way to do it?


Thank you!



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  • JaredDolich
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    Make sure your model calendar looks like this. I think you have an extra year in there. Should end after 2021.



  • @tonybol 

    I think you're very close actually. You're using the right filter. Do a "save as" instead of a save on your view. Also, make sure the saved view has removed all the time periods that are not months.

    Alternatively, you can create a custom view instead of using a saved view. You will use the same filter there. 

  • Hello @tonybol


    You are very close! There are a few different ways to achieve this in the NUX. You can use either Custom Views (my preferred way recently) or Module Views. Both work well in their own regard. 


    This seems to be a pivoting issue. You want to make sure the pivot matches the goal of the visual below. 


    Once you save the view using save as, like @JaredDolich mentioned, you can then point your visuals/grids to that saved view. 

  • Hello,


    I have done this




    But still seems that it does not work - you can see empty values in 2022. Why it is so?





  • Hello,


    Sorry, still don't understand. Could you show in steps what to do?


    I can of course hide manually 2022, but seems it is the wrong way to do it.





  • @tonybol 

    You bet.


    1. Change the chart to a column chart
    2. View Designer and change the view to a custom view
    3. Pivot so months are in the columns
    4. Add time filter




  • Thank you!


    But still have the problem. I did in the same way



    But the graphs are still showing 2022




    What can be the problem?(


    Thanks once again,



  • Hmm...did you make sure to follow the steps @JaredDolich outlined above?


    @tonybol - If so, the one thing I see and it’s something I can relate to, I always forget to save my changes. When you are on the filter screen, make sure to press “Apply” after you have added the filter. I always forget to do this and then I have to recreate the filters. The apply button is in the bottom right corner in your screenshots.


  • Dear Jared,


    It worked, i had in calendar 2021.


    Thank you very much!








  • JoeyV



    i am stuck on this activity as well. When I select the drop down to apply the time filter for forecast months, I do not see the SYS00 Time Settings


    Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 2.41.42 PM.png