Level 2 Sprint 2 Forecast cf formula


I have been struggling with my formulas and I just wanted to check that my Forecast cf formula was correct.  It worked the first time which made me nervous.  


The instructions are: 

  • If Initial Demand Forecast is EQUAL to the Final Forecast, set value of Forecast cf to 0.
  • If Initial Demand Forecast is NOT EQUAL to the Final Forecast, set value of Forecast cf to 1

My formulas is: IF Initial Demand Forecast = Final Forecast THEN 0 ELSE 1



  • Hey @LStinsa,


    Based on the description you have provided here in the instructions and the formula you came up with, it seems to satisfy the instructions, 


    Are you seeing some kind of error message or some issue with the data? Can you help clarify what might be making you nervous here? Is the formula not working the way you thought? 

  • @DaanishSoomar 

    Further down in the lesson we have to create a saved view and they give an example.  My data does not match the example and I'm trying to figure out why.  


    This is the example they give:


    This is what mine looks like:




    It looks like I"m off by one in my Final Forecast so I was wondering if its was my Forecast cf formula 



  • Tagging @JaredDolich who is more in-tune with the training models. 


    @LStinsa - are you able to provide screenshots of the blueprint view in this module? Seeing the blueprint will help narrow this down.

    Also are you able to provide screenshots of the source data? 


    2 possibilties here:


    1) Possible formula logic missing that we need to add, so that the extra 1 gets captured in the formula

    2) This might be a data issue upstream where the numbers are not adding up. 

  • This is my blueprint view for DEM03:






  • @LStinsa @DaanishSoomar 

    You're good. You're not the first person to call that out. If you're interested, I would recommend sending a note to academy@anaplan.com. It's optional but it might help them get the right screenshot in that course.

    Good job though! I looked at all your formulas and they look great. Nicely handled!

  • Thank you again for your help!

  • In the Course, that image has been given just as a reference for the view but not for the data comparison. Kindly, Note it.

  • I had the same issue, but I think I found the answer.

    This is what the instructions say: Create and apply a conditional formatting rule to style the Final Forecast line item value in blue - to indicate the Initial Demand Forecast has been overridden and updated the Final Forecast value.

    So before selecting columns to show and changing the view in pivot, we need to check the Override? boolean (for Account: Candy Storevu, P3 SKU: SF Bay Water Taffy_EN, Time: Week 5 FY21) and enter 71 in the Override Forecast. This will change the Final Forecast for Week 5 FY21 as well.