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I'm attempting to write a formula to pull in the percentage amounts of a line item in a different model in accordance to a certain vintage year. I'm trying to use either the LOOKUP or SELECT function but getting a error. Please advise. 


'R01 Inputs'.Funding Scaler[LOOKUP:Vintage]


Thank you 

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  • DaanishSoomar

    Hey @neg177,


    Happy to help! LOOKUP formulas are generally better from a PLANS perspective. 


    Let's see what we can do to help resolve the formula issue. Are you able to provide the following information:


    1) A screenshot of your Target Module? Also a screenshot of your blueprint view?

    2) A screenshot of your Source Module? Also a screenshot of this blueprint view?

    3) If you can also paste here what formulas you have tried, and a screenshot of the error message that would be great! 


    Assuming this is related to a dimension mismatch issue. Happy to take a look further and explore possible solutions!

  • neg177
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    Thank you for your quick response. I have attached the requested. And the formula below. I'm trying to get the Scalar Funding Line Item of percentages to go into the Source Module in accordance to Vintage year and not months. 

  • DaanishSoomar

    Thanks for the reply @neg177,  I think I understood most of that. If I follow correctly, you are trying objective is to take the FY21 Year - Scaler Percentage from the source and show that number in the target across all the months? 


    I would reccommend using the YEARVALUE function.


    So your formula would be YEARVALUE('R01 Inputs'.Funding Scaler), you don't need to do a LOOKUP if this is the case as the dimensionality is the same across both source and targets, therefore no cross dimensional functions required. 


  • @neg177 , since you only want to copy the Year values from the source module so you can keep the target module's "Time Range" as Year and simply refer the source module line item... pasting some screen prints if it will help to understand the say:

    1. R01 module has 1 line item with month "Time Scale" (as you may not afford to change the Time Scale in the existing model structure).... Data Type = Number (percentage)


    CommunityMember126793_2-1616064532195.pngi am simply using "Average" in the Summary.. And that's what I need to copy in target module..


    2. Target module: If only Year to be maintained so changed the "Time Scale" to Year.



    Feel free to let us know if anything else is require here..