How to get only one value from a module that contains Time


I want to get only one value from another module without having a list.

The ideal is to display the value of the first month of a module with Time in another module that has no list.

I am not good at English and it may be difficult to understand.
Thank you.


  • Hello @KubotaNatsuki


    No worries at all. We have a group of people here who can help!


    In order for us to better understand the question are you able to provide the following information:


    1. Can you share a picture of your target module blueprint view?


    2. Can you share a picture of your source module blueprint view?


    One possible solution, would be to take in the source module and do a Lookup on time. For this you would need a Time Settings module with a line item Time period formatted that is 1st month


    Then you can do a lookup.


    EXAMPLE: Sourcemodule.line item[LOOKUP: SYS Time Settinge.First Month]

  • The START function could also help with your Time Settings module. Linked here

  • Misbah


    If your query is that you want to take the first month’s data from a module with time dimension to a module without time dimension then


    Step 1 : Create a Lookup/constant module (module without any dimensions) and create one line item. Format it as Time Period Month

    First Month- Select the first month in dropdown

    Step 2 : Write below formula in target line item

    Data from Source module [Lookup: First month]


    Hope that helps



  • KubotaNatsuki_0-1616040353317.png


    Thank you for your reply

    The first picture is a blueprint of the source module

    The second picture is a target module blueprint view

    I want the second module to show only the first month of Time.


  • Yup! Thanks for the details @KubotaNatsuki.


    I will do my best to offer guidance as I do not understand the language which is used in those screenshots.


    Again as @Misbah mentioned and similar to my post above, you want to do a lookup which is SourceModule.SourceLineItem[LOOKUP: SYSTEMMODULE.First Month]


    I was also not able to see the applied to column in your screenshot. Seeing that would help solidify my recommendation if you are able to take screenshots of the blueprint view which also includes the applies to columns that would be helpful. 

  • Thank you for your reply!


    First Month- Select the first month in dropdown


    Does that mean I have to change the module when the time setting changes?

    I want it to switch automatically when the Time setting is changed.


  • KubotaNatsuki_0-1616042007315.pngKubotaNatsuki_1-1616042025498.png



    thank you for the advice!

    I changed it based on the advice!

    I was able to display the first month!
    I want this to switch automatically when the time setting is changed.


  • In a time setting module what you could do is make this field calculated instead of manual selection. 

    You would have to create period start and period end line items (let’s call these Startoftime date and emdoftimeyear date) using the START and END functions against a Year time scale, date formatted. Then what you do is another line item which is Time Period formatted as Month and you have this Month time scale. Formula would be Period(StartofTimeDate), this should make this field calculated whenever you change System Time

  • Thank you for telling me a lot!

    I'll try!

  • No problem @KubotaNatsuki! Glad to help. Will share credit with @Misbah too. 

    Let us know if you have any further questions. Good luck!