2.3 DAT03 Historic Volumes



I have historic figures for volume in DAT03 for FY19 that have been offset to give me baseline forecast for FY20.

How do I achieve the same for baseline forecast in FY21 as currently my baseline demand ends at Dec 2020. chart.jpeg

I also cannot seem to enter the ROUND formula correctly in DEM03 to get the Initial Demand Forecast? Hence why in my graph, IDF is zero.

Thank you

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  • JussiLi
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    Hi @SeanDW


    For FY21 baseline you need to use FY20 Dedault Forecast (marked with green in snip below). 


    For that you have to use IF statement in 'Baseline Forecast' line item; in case of 1st forecast year, take data from DAT03 module, else take it from 'Defaulf Forecast' line item. For 1st forecast year setting you need to use Time settings by week system module. When you take FY20 Default Forecast to FY21 you need OFFSET function so that value in Week 1 FY21 is fetched from Week 1 FY20 etc. 


    Initial Demand Forecast is Default Forecast rounded UP to a whole number: ROUND(line item, 0, UP).