Select first week of the time scale by user




Current I have designed like this to select first week of the time scale. But I am wondering is there a way in ANAPLAN That If I select one check box for that Line ITEM,  it will disable all other check boxes for that same Line ITEM and If I uncheck it , it will  enable all other check boxes?

Here I have maintained a line item for user selection.





  • Hi @MaheshKosuri ,


    Yes, you can achieve this with DCA and a summary item that checks if you have made a selection. If the selection is by time then TIMESUM will come in handy. You have to create an item that is not dimensioned by time and checks for a selection in a timescale. And another that controls the DCF settings of Selection: IF Any selection then Selection else TRUE. 


    Before selection all months are available:


    After selection, only the selected month is available:



    Here are the formulas: 



    And the DCA settings:






    Thanks ,@Ingilavicus 

    I thought there would be like java script functionality in it to able and disable these Boolean check boxes.  Thanks for your valuable inputs.