Anaplan to support and be certified for IBCS


I would like Anaplan to be able to support IBCS (International Business Communication Standards) that is outlined here:  

Certified software is listed here: 

To be certified you need to be able to produce the following templates in the standard capability in the tool:  

The below are areas I think Anaplan NUX would need additional capability adding to be certified:


Conditional formatting

  • Cant format value/number only background of cell i.e. make a -2 appear in text of red
  • Cant bold parents in hierarchies in grids
  • Need to be able to format positive numbers with a + symbol as a prefix
  • Need the ability to change cell border thickness like excel cell borders


  • Ability to show chart within a table ie format as chart
  • Ability for bar chart colour to reflect red for negative and green for positive
  • Ability format bar chart bar based upon a value
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