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So I have a module wherein there is 13 line items. 1 is a Text Line Item (text formatted) and the other 12 are Jan Feb.. Dec (12 months number formatted).


I'm not using the native Anaplan time. I however want to filter the display of months based on the version selected (not native version). Say if it's Version 1+11 which is selected, only Jan should be displayed, if it's 2+11 only Feb and so on. I would also want the Text line item to be displayed irrespective of the selection of the version. Is there a way to do this on Anaplan. I did try line item subset however, that doesn't show the text line item that I have. 


Can someone help me with a workaround for this problem, it would be really helpful for us. Thanks



  • Misbah



    Without getting into details of why line items for Time, here is what I think


    1. You can create a LIS for Time and insert two line items one for Number and another one for text. You will have to use Hide/Show on Text Formatted Line item to show it only once

    2. You can show them in two separate grids side by side, New UX allows you to hide the Row dimension in such a way that adjacent grid looks like extended grid.

  • Hey thanks for the quick reply.


    I wanted the whole thing in one grid instead of two. And I am currently using LIS for the months and it appears correctly just the TEXT formatted line item doesn't appear. Is there any other way like 'nested IF' or something to make it more simpler.

  • Misbah



    I wish I had a better answer but with LIS, text is ignored which means whatever you need to get the text populated you will have to stick to it and then from the presentation perspective you may have to use Hide/Show as well.

  • Let me try and look for other workarounds. Really wish I figure something. Thanks for the suggestion but. 🙂
  • @Sachinsourav02 

    The only solution I can see here is to map your month line items into Anaplan time periods.

    Then filter based on a filter module dimensioned by fake version and month time.

    I would question why you are representing time data in a line item and aim to utilise native Anaplan time functionality. 

    Good luck,