Applying Boolean formula from a time dimensioned to a non-time dimensioned model




I have 2 modules: 


Meldaliste Sales - 2 flat lists, time 

System_Product_Filter - 2 flat lists 


The flat lists in both modules are the same. I need to create a boolean formula in System_Product_Filter that says if there is a blank cell in Meldaliste Sales then false else true. 


This formula isn't working because I have a time dimension in Meldaliste Sales, so the results pull through nothing in System_Product_Filter. 


Any ideas would help. 




Hina 🙂



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  • TonyViGrand
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    First Check whether the time summary of the source module is not "None".


    Then, assuming you have "All Periods" in time dimension, you can give the formula as isnotblank(MeldalisteSales[Select:Time.'All Periods']).


    Hope this helps

  • jbrass
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    If you don't have "all Periods" in the time dimension, then you can use a TIMESUM formula with a blank "start period", which effectively sums all periods.  The formula would be: TIMESUM(Module with time.Amount) = 0


    The only problem with this is that it effectively takes the sum of all periods, so if you have a -$1000 in one period and then a +$1000 in another period, then it treats it like a blank.  The overcome this, you could setup a 2nd line item in the module that includes time to dictate whether or not each cell has a value.  Maybe call this line item "check if blank".  So the formula would be: IF Amount <> 0 then 1 else 0.  Then, point that TIMESUM formula to the "check if blank" line item instead (so it would be TIMESUM(Module with time.'check if blank')).


    Hope this helps!



  • rob_marshall



    That way is fine, just please make sure the line item that has TimeSum() in it does not have Time in the Applies To.  And to get around your -1000 and 1000, you can use a boolean.











    Hope this helps,




  • Hi @hinamahmood1994,


    I can try to help! Are you able to provide screenshots of both blueprint views in source and target modules? In particular I would like to see the summary methods on the line items.




  • Thank you!!! It worked 🙂