Migrating a model from one WS to other using Import



I am trying to migrate a model from one workspace to another, by importing the model. I want to know what steps should I take to move the app of the model same as the model, is it really needed? or just the moving of the model is enough for the NUX also?


Thanks in advance!

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  • Misbah
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    Which means


    Either you are not a Page Builder

    or You are building MY Pages (Equivalent to Personal Dashboards). 


    If you are a Page builder I would request you to start creating an App Page and then you should be able to see all these options

    but if you are not a Page builder then you can ask your tenant admin to provide you page builder access.


    Hope that helps


  • garima.rawat

    @Misbah Thanks a lot! will try this.