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I had a technical question around Time Ranges. Let's say my Model Calendar is set to FY21 Jan-Dec, I have 2 past years and 2 future years.


I have some planning and assumptions modules that are only relevant for me for the Planning period. So I develop time ranges to save sparsity and reduce cell count in my model.


What happens to Time Ranges when I advance the Model Calendar and I arrive to the next Fiscal Year/Planning Cycle, do I also have to update my Time Range settings?




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    Thank you @rob_marshall!

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    @DaanishSoomar @rob_marshall 

    writing on back of the solution as just wanted to clear my doubt.

    @DaanishSoomar  snippet from your query --> "So I develop time ranges to save sparsity and reduce cell count in my model.".  Lets say you got a Time Range of FY18.

    And now when you need to push your TIME SETTING (Model Calendar) forward as next FY i.e. FY22.

    Why do u need to change your "Time Range" as Time Range got developed specific to a range i.e. FY18 (in above case).


    Can you help in clearing the understanding as to WHY "Time Range" require to change?

  • rob_marshall
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    Time Ranges are completely independent of the model calendar.  If you move the model calendar forward, you could a) do nothing to the Time Range and keep it at FY18 or b) would need to move it up to FY19.


    Does that help clear it up?



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    Hi @rob_marshall 


    Is there a way to move data from respective Time Range to a Model calendar? If no, then what can be an alternative


    If its possible, then what should we use as formula as LAG doesn't work I guess


    What is the real purpose of Time Range apart from storing historical data? How can we use these historical data in our current model calendar 






  • rob_marshall
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    So yes, you can move data from one time range to another or a time range to model calendar or vice versa, you would just need to map the data in a SYS model to tell it where to go.  


    As for what are Time Ranges used for, you are able to create different "Time Ranges" for modules or even line items whereas we were not able to do that previously (it was always one giant Model Calendar).  In doing this, you are now able to have more densely populated modules because you are only using the Time members that you need.  For more information, you can follow this link.

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    Can you explain to me in a short phrase the benefits of time ranges and when we use it? 

    Thanks in advance.