Reference next item in a list


is there anyway to reference the next or previous item in a list by using a formula? I saw a post a while ago that inferred that this was not possible without quite a bit of conversion logic.





  • Misbah


    You can not do it with native functionalties like Next or Previous as they work only on Versions and Time. 

    There could be one way which is to create a line item in Sys module and manually map 

    Item 1- Item 2

    Item 2 - Item 3

    Item 3 - Item 4

    so on and so forth

    and then use lookup on this mapping line item. Not the clean solution but it works. 

  • Hi @jbrass ,


    It also depends on the name or code of the list. If you can tur one or the other in a sequential list of numbers, you could do the mapping using a FINDITEM().


    For example, for dummy time I would have a sequence of numbers in the code to represent the time item 1, 2, 3.......  then you could find the next or previous item with something like FINDITEM(Dummy time, TEXT(VALUE(CODE(Dummy Time Code))-1), or +1 for the next item. 



  • @jbrass 

    As @Misbah has described above I would map your list to somekind of reference that can be used via a LOOKUP to pull out the required list item. 

    However, I would create a new list and dynamically map this to the target list so that the use could specific the value of previous or next and return the corresponding list item.




    The challenge still remains as to how you best populate the mapping table as this is completed manually in this example.