Level 3 - Sprint 1 (4.6.5) - Lookup isn't working correctly




I'm a little stuck on Level 3 print 1 section 4.6.5. 


The formula I'm using looks correct but the lookup to accounts section isn't returning the correct values for me. 


'Data_01_ FY19_Sales_Revenue'.Actuals[LOOKUP: 'SYS03 Account>Product Details'.'A1 Account', LOOKUP: 'SYS00 Time Settings'.PY Qtr] This is the formula I'm using. The results I'm getting aren't correct. 

In my Data 02 Module, I get the Total Account Volumes against each product, instead of the product breakdown. 


I've attached both my Data 02 and my Data 01 Modules. 


Any help would be appreciated. 



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  • hinamahmood1994
    I managed to get it to work. I was missing a second look up clause to product, not just accounts.

    Thank you for all the suggestions 🙂


  • @hinamahmood1994 your applied formula only looking for Account from mapping module (Account > Product) rather product..


    I hope you want to map previous year data (FY19) to next year (FY20)..... believe your both the modules are dimensioned on same list  (Account > Product) so you only need to LOOKUP on Time module..

    Try removing the 1st LOOKUP from formula if my above guess is correct.. and see if u get the expected result

  • Misbah



    Community is here to help but remember the intention of Level 3 is to test each individual on their Anaplan skills as well on their analytical capabilities. Please do not share the formula on Level 3 related issues. There are other means to help as much as we can. Before taking Level 3 we had taken virtual oath of not sharing any formulae or any questions related to L3 with anyone. 



  • @hinamahmood1994 

    Ensure that the format of the line item which informs your LOOKUP is either a time period or list. The dimension of the line item in the mapping must also be the same as the dimension of the data source.

    Often users will try and build a LOOKUP whereby the line item is a TEXT format. TEXT formatted line items have no relevance in a formula requiring a mapping function. 

    Good luck,