INV01 inventory ordering Foreast Demad line item.




In INV01 Inventory Ordering module I am getting the below value for forecast demand , where as in Training Material it is showing 2048. I have checked a couple of times of this value but not able to track the issue. Please let me know where I am going wrong here.





Forecast demand value I am getting fromt this module



Training Material showing this value as 2048



  • @MaheshKosuri  i think it may not be very straight to get the issue through those 2 screen prints whereas noticed that "Forecast Demand" derives from "Suggested Order amount for the month" line item; please try to tally that item value first and believe you will get the deserved value in "Forecast Demand" afterwards

  • @MaheshKosuri 


    Your Formula in DEM03 module, Default Forecast Line item doesn't seem to be calculating correctly.


    For Example if your Growth Percentage is 1% then your Default Forecast cant be 2025. Can you verify your formula - It has to be


    Baseline Forecast * (1 + Growth Rate %)