List properties in a Module


Hi All,


I am working on a model where I have a list with 3 properties(B,C , D).


 List AProperty BProperty CProperty D


In a module with Dimension as List A the below mentioned format is to be generated where in a column corresponding to the above mentioned list items all 3 properties can be brought:

Module with Dimension List A
Column 1 (List Items)Column 2 (With properties B, C&D corresponding to list Item A)Column 3 (calculation Line Items)Column4 (other calculation line items)


Request your help on this.


Thanks in advance!


  • Misbah



    Assuming you have a valid reason of creating those properties in List A (which otherwise you shouldn't be doing).


    In your module dimensioned by List A :  You will have to concatenate All the three properties and the formula should look  like

    List A. Property B & List A. Property C & List A. Property D 


    Note this line item will be a text formatted line item.

  • @Misbah 


    This makes it look like the image attached below:

    List A.JPG


    However the ask is to have properties in rows corresponding to the list item u.

  • @Sampriti.Anand if u need 3 properties in 3 different line items so u have to create 3 line items in module and reference each to the one in the list


    ** Edited the response with below screen prints if help **





  • Misbah



    Ah I see. That is not possible in the same list. However you can create a different list (hierarchical list parented by List A) by Importing these properties into the list


    Note: There will be one import action for each property which means if you want to have three different properties you will have to import three times into the  same list

  • @Misbah

    This will again not be the best possible way as if any of the properties in the hub is updated then the list will have to be updated from the backend or is there any way that the user will be able to do this?
  • This will not work because as shown in the first post. Other calculation line items are also to be brought in columns
  • Misbah



    Transposing is never an option in Anaplan. Meaning you can not transpose your columns into rows - the only option I could think of was making this hierarchy. Otherwise it doesn't seem to be possible within Anaplan the way you want it to be.


    To your question yes you will have to update the master list and the new list which is coming from properties. However I would like to reiterate that it is not the ideal solution and if I were you I wouldn't even take that route. I would weigh pros and cons of the approach and then take the way forward.