historisation of data


My client wishs to backup data and not loose it when the time periods change. To do this I envisage modules with not applicable time and containing 2 lists: one the months of the year, the other the sequential years that he wishs to save. My difficulty is to transfer the data to these modules. In the source modules, in the line items I have incuded the back up month for the year to be saved, formatted on the list in the backup modules. I attach screen shots of sorce and target modules Thanks for any help


  • Hi Mardsen

    First backup the model and then do the changes,

    If you do not have enough space to archive the same and if you want only specific data like in the module you created with custom time:

    Best way would be as below:

    1) Create a module which has custom time and anaplan time mapped
    2) Then create a module with custom time
    3) Write a formula in the module of step 2 and get the data from original module
    4) Delete the formulas, only formulas are deleted but the values stay back
  • Thanks Harish

    Just got back to this.

    Formulas with SUM and Lookup are not returning data as it seems that it cannot find the data in in the "eqivalence" module, am taking it up with Anaplan
  • Hi Mardsen

    Guess I know the issue Call time into the final module and just use the year so it can get time scale as year for all line items.

    If you are changing the year then have the below method:

    1) Create custome years like 2016, 2017 so on
    2) Creat a module with customer time list
    3) Have time formatted line items
    4) Call respective anaplan years to the custom years in the line item
    5) Include this year lookup in the formula