Customer CoE Stories

An Anaplan Center of Excellence (CoE) creates synchronicity between the people involved in your Connected Planning journey. Many of our customers—regardless of where they are in their journey—have been focusing on establishing a CoE, or an Anaplan Community of Practice, to pursue their goals. CoEs are being built typically when our customers want to improve the governance of the product’s momentum and to fill in gaps in the current process to support its growth.

More than 25% of our customers have now embarked on this journey and approached the 9 stages of building a CoE in their own way. Just like how Rome wasn’t built in a day, an Anaplan CoE will continue to evolve with the business and be the accelerator that helps achieve their Connected Planning vision.

A number of our customers have provided insight into their experience of building and maturing their Anaplan CoE. Take a look at their stories to find inspiration on how to take the next step on your journey!

Screenshots of the CoE Stories