List item to line item (without using select function)




There is a module having Account list(30 list items) with balance line item.

Another module having 10 line items (which need to fetch data from 10 list items from Accounts list)

used select function to refer data(which is not a best practice)

[ex:balance from 1st module[select:list item]]

Is there any option other than using select function





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  • abhi1017
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    Hi @tejaswini 


    Another workaround.

    Create a System Module wherein you map the 10 lineitems with the 10 accounts.

    Now while fetching data use LOOKUP by SYS module you have created.


    Note :- You need to find a way to update these mappings in the system module dynamically. (Import action)




  • Hi @abhi1017 


    Thanks for the suggestion 

    I have created system module with line item subset  and mapped each line item with list.



  • Great. Hope its working fine.