Defining Boundary for X-Axis and Y-Axis in Scatter/Bubble Chart


As a Model Builder I would like to have an options to Define a Boundary for my both X and Y Axis.


The Problem statement is end user wants to see the plotting from the extreme left of the graph if the values for all the products is Zero.


For Example, If I have single / multiple products in the list and initially the data is zero the plotting should start from the extreme left of the graph but in our case it is showing from the middle of the graph. End user wants to see plotting from the extreme left of the graph for single product or multiple products when there is no data present.


It could be great if we have options in a Scatter / Bubble chart to fix the boundary limit for X and Y axis to have a default plot of single / multiple products from the extreme left of the graph when the data is zero.


Attached Screenshots are for the reference:

1. Pivot of the Saved View


2. Saved View with Multiple Products



3. Scatter/ Bubble chart with Multiple Products


4. Saved View with Single Product



5. Scatter/ Bubble chart with Single Product




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  • sprender

    Not sure if I am missing something here but I believe this functionality is already available. Its in the Chart settings under Axis and you need to set the scale to Fixed and add the Min and Max points.




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