NUX Comments - Include comments when duplicating a page or duplicating an app


Currently when you duplicate a page or even the app, you do not bring with it any of the comments. This can be quite limiting when building, as then you cannot pivot the information of your page without losing the comments. Also, if that page is deleted, you will lose all of the comments permanently (as Anaplan cannot retrieve them). 

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  • EmilyJ

    Thank you for this feedback - I can confirm we're currently looking into how we could achieve this ahead of consideration for a future roadmap item. Emily, Product Manager - Collaboration

  • Hi @EmilyJ , do you have a time estimate for when will the feature be launched or any updates on the item?

  • EmilyJ

    Hi @rodolfo_hr no update on this just yet. There are some other roadmap items which are taking priority at the moment, but I will be sure to share an update when we have one.




    cc @JoannaM 

  • @EmilyJ @JoannaM that would be much appreciated! As more customers move to the new UX I think this will be more demanded in the future and could really help to secure the data from the comments (as this is still stored in a separate space and is rather difficult to access even for the internal Anaplan team).

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