calculate values from modules with different dimensions but with same ancestor list




This is my first post so I hope the example will be clear.


I have a ‘Customer Hierarchy’ list and a ‘Product hierarchy’ list.

Both lists have the same parent hierarchies (see print screen 1 below)



Now I have a Sales module with the customer hierarchy as dimension and 2 line items (sales volume, product)

The product line item is formatted as list products (see printscreen)



I would like to create a new module with products as a dimension.

This module should calculate the sales volumes per material (retrieved from the Sales Module).

It should look like:




However I did not  manage to do this due to the different dimension issues and the 2 list having the same ancestor.

Could anyone help me how I could solve this?

I added print screens with the existing modules (simplified) and desired module.


Thanks in advance for your help


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  • abhi1017
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    Hi @jo_maassen_1 


    Dimensions of the modules are different but you do have a list formatted lineitem of products in customer hierarchy dimensioned module.

    Use the List formatted product lineitem to SUM and you will have the required data in the product dimensioned module.

    Formula for product hierarchy module shall be something like :-

    Lineitem SalesVolume[SUM:Lineitem product] (Have used same naming conventions as depicted in screenshots)





  • Thank you very much for your super fast respons! 

    Sometimes it can be so easy 🙂