How to enter the time in a line item?




I want to make a module to know the elapsed time.
But I don't know how to enter the time in the line item.
Please let me know if there is a good way.
I want to make it look like this.




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  • Ingilavicus
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    Hi @KubotaNatsuki ,


    The lowest native time granularity is days, so there is no way to do it with the native time dimension. 


    I would suggest making either a list with 10-minute intervals, then you would have a drop-down selection to enter the time. One thing to keep in mind is that these time list items should have a code or property that represents the numeric value of the time so you can figure out a calculation for the time difference. 




  • Thank you for your reply!
    I should make a minute-by-minute list, right?
    I make it! Thank you for teaching me!
  • @KubotaNatsuki 


    It depends, if the users should be able to choose any time of the day then yes, you have to make it as detailed as necessary. Maybe they only need 10 or 5-minute increments, that would make the list a bit shorter and selection a bit easier. You might also want to look at the option of having 2 inputs for hours and minutes. It really depends on the use case and the user requirements.