Quarterly Account Sales Revenue Targets


Hello, I'm in the process of building the module for user story 1.11 and I am struggling to get the correct formula. I need to convert yearly data to quarterly data using the SYS99 Time Settings module (only line item dimension). My formula currently pulls the yearly total for each quarter which is incorrect. Any guidance on what time settings line item(s) I need to break out yearly data to quarterly data would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!




  • Hi @jjconn13!

    You need read US and understand the tasks.

    You need take Initial Account Sales Target from other module (TAR01).

    After that, you need to calculate the quarter's share in the first LI (% of Account Sales Target). This is where you need the SYS99 module.

    And already at the last step, you can apply the obtained seasonality to the final annual sales targets (from another module).
    I deliberately do not give ready-made formulas, as I want to guide you to the right decision.

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  • @antonMineev - I don't understand your response. Could you please clarify as I too am facing the same issue. Thanks