Get prev year result


I'm quite new to Anaplan and I would like to know if this formula is possible instead of IF Current Month THEN Variable Name[SELECT: TIME.'Nov 15'] this IF Current Month THEN Variable Name[SELECT: TIME.'ADDMONTHS(CurrentPeriod,-12)'] Is it possivle and am I using the correct syntax. Chris


  • Hi Chris

    You can use the LAG Function.

    But there ar some pre requisites to the anaplan system

    1) When you change the current fiscal year and do not have any past or future years all the existing data would be lost
    2) So make sure that in time settings you have required past years selected
    3) Then try to use LAG Function to fetch the data
  • In addition to Harish's post above you may need some help identifying the current month. You will need an additional line item I believe.

    This post from Michel may help you with that: