Level2 Sprint 3 Update INV01 to Allow Override of Order Amount




I have got struck up with the activity attached the same,  below  is the formula which i have done. please correct me if i am wrong.


IF NOT Submit Purchase Order Request? THEN 0 ELSE IF NOT Override Suggested Order Amount? THEN Suggested Order Amount for the Month ELSE Override Amount


  • Humay



    I would suggest to keep 'Submit Purchase Order Request?' and 'Override Suggested Order Amount?' line items as one IF condition and update the formula accordingly.


    'Final Shipment'  amount can be equal either 'Suggested Order Amount for the Month' or 'Override Amount' and in order to be equal to 'Suggested Order Amount for the Month' there should not be override on suggested order amount. For 'Override Amount' it is opposite.


    Hope this helps!

  • Humay
    Hi there,

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  • Thanks @Humay  - Will your answer follow the suggestion given by the training module? Below is the screenshot of the training module requirement: