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Hi Anaplan,


It would be great if we can get a functionality to check from the model as to which all New UX applications the Model is linked to. As if we are working on a MSP model, it gets really difficult to track as the model is linked to which all New UX Apps.




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  • Hi,


    There is a way you can do this natively, using a few API calls. 


    Making a GET request to the following URL with your Anaplan Auth Token as the Authorization header will retrieve the list of models that the page is linked to.



    Substitute {page-id} with the guid of the page of your app. You can find this ID by looking at the URL of your board/sheet (as below), or by making{app-id}/boards/{page-id}

    Or by making a GET request to the following URL (again with Authorization header).{app-id}

    Let me know if you need more assistance in setting this up. 

  • LuJako
    edited September 2023

    Hi @kevin.cho ,

    I'm currently seeking comprehensive technical documentation for the Anaplan springboard-definition-service. If you have access to this information or can provide any guidance, I would greatly appreciate your help.

    Furthermore, I have a specific question: How to get the value for "i" from the following link?{app-id}/boards/{page-id}?source=sharepage&medium=clipboard&i=7d3212f6-fece-4bea-a6fc-4a3bc778a863


  • Hey @LuJako - sorry, nothing hard/documented from me. I've only found what I know from experimentation and examining the requests my browser makes through the Chrome Developer tools.

    The parameter value "i" looks to define the context selection of the page (generated when you "share" the page with context selections). It doesn't look like this is something available directly from the model/app.

    You can retrieve the definition behind the parameter set using:




    This will return the metadata of the context of your page.

    What use case do you have for the value of this parameter?

  • LuJako
    edited September 2023

    Hi @kevin.cho ,

    I'm working on an auto-email notification system with specific page links that generate relevant data when clicked. This feature will eliminate the need for users to search for the necessary information manually.

    Additionally, I'm exploring alternative methods for sharing besides the standard "Share" button in the UX. Thanks for the hint, very useful.


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