Retrieve Anaplan Field from API? Cannot export in platform.


Is there a way to retrieve the following field via API or Transactional API? 


I noticed that there is no way to Export it via the Anaplan interface but am hoping there is a pathway to retreive it through Python or some other API tool.


Actions API stuff.PNG




  • Unfortunately I haven't found anything for this either! Hoping any upcoming transactional API endpoints might allow us to grab more metadata, including line item formulas. @Misbah - would you be happen to have any insider knowledge? 

  • transactional API is moving away from actions so unlikely.
  • Hi @nathan_rudman - what did you mean by that?


    The transactional APIs also include a set of metadata APIs that give some more information about the Anaplan model objects. Use the transactional APIs - Anaplan Technical Documentation

  • Misbah



    Nope Bud! All I know is that they are going to add lot more things as part of Model Meta data APIs. For example Line item referenced by is one of the features that will be included but don't know the timelines.


    @DaanishSoomar If you are part of EA program with Anaplan you can surely suggest this idea/feature when new set of Transactional APIs become available for EA.



  • Cheers @Misbah  - good to hear that they're still planning for more metadata APIs! Super helpful for model organisation/management.