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How do I show the rolling 4 quarterly periods on the table?

For example, it's currently showing Q1FY22,Q2FY22,Q3FY22,Q4FY22. Let say Q1 has ended, I would then like show the next 4 quarters, namely Q2FY22,Q3FY22,Q4FY22, Q1FY23






  • Hi, @DarrenS!

    You need to set up a custom filter.
    1. You need Line Item in which you indicate the current quarter (or you can formally refer to the current period from the model calendar).
    2. In the system time module, count the filter on the quarters. The formula will be something like this:

    ITEM(Time) > LI Current quarter AND ITEM(Time)<= LI Current quarter + LI Number of quarters to show

    LI Number of quarters to show it is input LI for definitions "How many quarters what you would like to see?". And you can make this LI/Filter by users for best UX/UI.




  • Would you be able to show me visually? I do not quite know how to get around in doing it.


  • Here's a quick example of what this might look like. For greater flexibility, these settings are usually made in the context of versions. Also, the reporting quarter may be defined slightly differently if you use the built-in versions.

    Снимок экрана 2021-04-08 в 08.37.20.png

  • @DarrenS 


    You can achieve this in two ways: