Level 3 technical examination


Hi everyone, I was undergoing my level 3 examinations of which I have completed my model building Knowledge exam successfully. However, on the technical examination, I am not getting any answer correct, despite some of the questions being straight forward and can even be picked up from the excel dump provided. (Not that I'm using that for answering the questions) I did try to cross verify the answer I got via the model built to that with what the excel says.


I wanted to check if there is format error in how I am typing in the figures. Like the first question which looks to get the actual sales revenue for Chocolate Product in Canada Q1 FY20. Can anyone help me with the way I should be typing in my answer (whole number, decimal places etc). Thanks



  • Hi @Sachinsourav02!

    As I recall, the question explicitly mentions integer (whole) input.

    It is also important to follow the formats when loading data for the exam (periods, commas, separators).

  • Hello @Sachinsourav02 and @AntonMineev ,


    Im having the same issue with @Sachinsourav02 , I’m getting my answers wrong even if they are simple questions where you can cross check the result from the csv files (as in Q1 for the PY Revenue Q1 for Canada and Chocolate family).


    I did use whole numbers when typing in the results but I’m not sure why it’s not accepting my answers.


    I did finish the knowledge exam too successfully.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Many thanks,


  • I am experiencing a similar issue. Has this question been addressed?




  • Nitika
    Same situation.
  • @christina.toumpanaki @sajidsayeedACN @Nitika Before starting the exam, consider clearing out/resetting the fields that the exam files are loading into. I ran into a challenge during my exam where I still had some changes that I made during UAT.

  • Hi @ryan_kohn , 

    I'm facing the same issue as mentioned above. could you please elaborate on what you did that it worked for you. I didn't understand from your previous statement. 
    Thank you 

  • I think what he means is to clear out any module where you need to import 'new/updated', whether it be in the data hub or Sales Planning module, and whether it be from a module where you are importing the exam file, or the module that is bringing in this exam file data via an action. This will give you a fresh start, but note that even after you do this, I still was experiencing some of the pain mentioned in this topic. It could be due to some of the vagueness/wording of the questions. For instance, question 2 is an easy number to find and proof out,  but it could be answered in two different ways depending what baseline number you use to calculate your increase off of. 

  • I am having the same issues as others in this thread. Could you help me understand what you did differently to get a different result

  • Did you ever resolve the issue?


  • When I try to load the same format, the exam box removes the comma. Is there a way to input a comma into the submission box?

  • I was able to pass the exam on my second attempt. Here are some of my learnings. 


    1) After you build your Commission modules towards the end of the training, you are asked to check your work in sections 6.4 &  7.3. It is very important you match your own numbers to exactly what the screenshot shows. If your numbers do not match, you will probably get 2 or 3 questions in the exam incorrect.


    2) As mentioned in some other responses, clear out your data where possible and reload the Exam data fresh with no pre-existing data. More specifically . . . .

    • Clear out your 2019 sales data from your data hub and clear it out from your Sales planning model. Then import the exam data into the data hub and bring it over to Sales Planning with your Action/Process
    • Use your existing Clearing action to clear out all existing holds/overrides before importing the exam holds/overrides
    • You are given a new set of Territory==>Accounts assignments. If you think about it, that means that your existing assignments (i.e. the G4T Territory>Account# list members) may not be valid and you want to remove them and create new members from the Exam assignments file. This exercise also is a great way of making sure your Assign Accounts/Finalize Accounts Actions you created are working properly, which I think is one of the points of this exam data file
    • You want to make sure the  employee data file you are given in the exam is reflected in your model. Are items (such as Start Date and Sales Role, for example) in your model updated properly?
    • And finally, remove the Sales Rep/Account assignments in your model and make sure the new Sales Rep assignments you are bringing in are updated properly. I had an issue with this and caused some problems for me in my initial exam attempt.

    Hope this helps out. 

  • Also one more thing. In the exam checklist, it asks you to "confirm the following Account>Product relationships" and then it lists two things involving Candy Storezio. This is guidance initially confused me, so I suggest the following supplemental guidance: 

    • you are asked to bring in a new set of 2019  data. Make sure the grand total in the excel file is equal to the grand total in your module where the initial data resides (a very basic check)
    • Remember during the Sprint, you take this 2019 data and make sure it flows into another module/line item which is dimensionalized by the List A2 Account>Product#. Does this module/line item's grand total also tie out to the new Exam data?
  • n1516357

    • I faced following two issues:

    • 1) Account Review Data was loaded but unfortunately 1 old override remained and **** 1 question so better review/manually clean before loading
    • 2) Employee data was loaded with new Roles for which related questions were asked but Quota Assumption data was not provided for the new Roles. I copied one of the old roles data to new Role and tried.