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Currently via the web version of an app in the NUX the source model can be selected. In the mobile app (iOS or Android) the source model selection is not available. It would be helpful to have this as an option. For our specific use case we have multiple source models (1 DEV and 2 PROD) using the same App and have been planning to use the Source Model selector for end users to switch between the two PROD Source Models. If our users plan to use the Mobile App that won't be possible. 

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  • EmilyJ

    The engineering team are considering how we can add this to the mobile app ahead of consideration for the roadmap.

  • EmilyJ
    Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • This has now been delivered. You can now change your page’s source model selection in the Anaplan Mobile app. If a page builder has specified multiple source models for a page, users can switch between them using the three dot menu in the right-hand corner.

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