Have you been wondering about Anaplan CloudWorks™ and how it can help you? Anaplan Academy is pleased to announce a course that will answer all your questions. CloudWorks provides an integration framework that uses an agile approach to integrate data directly into the Anaplan platform. In this course, you’ll learn how to create connections and integrations with cloud platforms, as well as create schedules that allow you to automate processes and integrations.  Integrations with AWS and Azure are included, with additional cloud platforms to be added in the future.

Lessons include:

  • Getting started
  • CloudWorks Features:
    • Getting to know CloudWorks
    • Schedule an integration or process
  • Working with AWS
    • Create the connection to AWS
    • Create a new integration with AWS
  • Working with Azure Blob
    • Create the connection to Azure Blob
    • Create a new integration with Azure Blob

Click here to access the course.


  • Course doesn't mention M2M and neither does Anapedia.

    Please update.


  • @jordonsr, can you provide links to any tutorial videos please? I searched on Community and Anapedia, but the search feature on Anaplan's newer hosting platform makes locating resources difficult.