Correct Formula's for Confirm PO Delivery and Confirmed Purchase Order Receipt



Please could you give me some guidance on the below?

IF PO Submitted > 0 THEN POST(PO Submitted, Shipping Time Weeks) ELSE 0




  • @lcapon 


    For Confirmed PO Delivery there is No Need of IF ELSE Statement, just use the remaining part of your formula which is POST(PO Submitted, Shipping Time Weeks)

    Confirmed Purchase Order Request: I see first part of the formula is wrong which checks IF PO Submitted > 0 instead it should be IF Confirmed PO Delivery > 0 THEN use remaining part of your formula.


    Also you will have to follow the instructions carefully,  you will be asked to use OFFSET first and then later changed to POST - basically explaining it to you the use cases of POST 




  • Does this appear correct?



  • Don't worry - I've amended to use 'Final' Shipping weeks and now appears correct.