count wrt day timescale


Hello , 


I/p screen 

Products start date End Date


O/p Screen should contain the product count and it should look like

No of Products2221

Can we able to do this in anaplan?(As the output screen in Day time scale)





  • Hi @tejaswini ,


    The first thing that comes to mind is that you should make an additional module with Products and time in dimensions. 


    Then you just see if the product is active within a given period: IF date >= Start Date AND date <= End Date THEN 1 ELSE 0


    If you have a top-level for the product you should see the # of products right away as a summary of that 1/0 condition. 


    Hope this helps, Andris

  • @tejaswini  you will need an intermediary module Products X Day Time scale where per every day create a formula to verify if a Product is valid between Start and End Date. 

    At Total Products you will see the correct number of valid products per every day. 




    Hope it helps