Need help using LOOKUP or SELECT function



I'm trying to create a line item in the target module that pulls in the values from the source module given a certain day.  Attached are screen shots of the modules. Please advise. 


Target Module 




Source Module





Thank you 

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  • @neg177 

    What would you expect to see for "SFS Funding" in January 4th for example?


  • Misbah
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    The reason it is not working is because in your target module there is a dimension called Funding Only and in Source module

    you have diff dimension called Loan Type. See what is the relationship between these two dimensions and then use the valid function to move the data from source to target module.



  • @Misbah , @neg177 

    Isn't there a "LOOKUP: Month" missing? Where every day is mapped to the month?

    The source module is dimensioned by month and the target is dimensioned by day

    SYS Time by Day.jpg

    SYS time blueprint.jpg

  • Misbah
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    Good catch. Yes Indeed there is LOOKUP missing on that as well. But there is a dimensionality mismatch also.



  • neg177
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    Thank you for your help. we figured it out.